Sunday, May 6, 2012

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I thought I’d provide a short update to my previous post. I was test-running my Kato RTA F40 and a pair of bi-levels earlier this past evening, and afterwards did a little surfing for YouTube video of these cars in action. Click here to see those venerable Pullman-Standard smooth-sides in action in 1998 on UP’s former C&NW West Line. I was looking for that video when writing the previous post but was unable to locate it. Anyway, another great clip that showed how late these former North Western cars remained in regular operation – something I plan on duplicating on my HO scale layout. Speaking of which – the layout – I’ve decided to post a quick shot of my under-construction modules – sections, actually. Here you see my newly acquired RTA consist on the test track
undergoing an operational check. While I’ve just had the models out of the box, what struck me was how only a two-car consist of a cab-coach, coach and locomotive looked very proportional and pleasing to the eye. I had taken receipt of four coaches plus the F40PH to fill out a four-car train, but now two seemed more than sufficient. I may pick up a second F40 – Metra #157 – and put together another two-car consist for a second trainset. That will pretty much take care of passenger operations for my modest layout based upon UP’s former C&NW routes north and west of Chicago. Coupled with my roster of CNW and UP freight power I’m all but set for locomotives. Rolling stock on the freight end may use a car here or there, but otherwise the remainder of this year’s model railroad budget will go towards getting the balance of the benchwork constructed, subroadbed and roadbed, track and wiring. I figure I’ll be doing good if I have the mainline and a good portion of secondary trackage in by Christmas. I’m close to finalizing the layout plan and hope to post a scale drawing in a future post. In the meantime – while not living out of a suitcase during the workweek – I’ll putter a bit with the test track. While not operating in the purist sense of the work it is sure nice to see a train run, if only back and forth for now. Small pleasures are sometimes the most enjoyable, and this pike-sized passenger train certainly qualifies.

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