Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Just a short update as to progress made during the last week of my two-week summer holiday. Since Tom wouldn't be making it over, and I just kicked off another startup project recently awarded to my company (so, back on the road again) – I decided to do what I could that week. Like most modelers I have way too much stuff – oodles of freight cars (RTR and kits), several passenger cars, extra locomotives and odds and ends I'll never use on the Layout. This is all stuff that were impulse buys, or plans that changed over the years but needless to say I don't have enough staging tracks or layout storage to keep it all, let alone run it. I've started to pull out all the boxes and make a definitely sell pile, a maybe sell pile and then I'm re-sorting, recording on an inventory file and re-storing the rolling stock that are for keeps.

The former two categories are going to soon get listed on eBay, with my wife and eldest daughter helping out. My better-half has her own pile of "junk" to post for sale as well, and we figure between the two of us we can make a good dent in our debt by moving this into the "someone else's treasure" category. It's amazing what I've squirreled away over the past twenty plus years – going through it all sure takes the wind out of my "gotta have something new" urge. If anything, it makes me want to downsize the hobby plans further – really, just match the roster to the actual layout plan and operation. Looking over my plan below (scroll down) minus the twelve units being sent to the 1:87 deadline I still have 16 locomotives in "active" status – likely over three times what I'd really need. It's almost embarrassing when I think of it – the excess that is.

The bright side is the yard – once built – should have room to work, rather than become glorified storage tracks due to overcrowding. Meanwhile, up goes the for-sale sign – I wonder if Larry's Truck and Electric (LTEX) might be interested? ;)

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