Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Benchwork and subroadbed, that is. Today was a glorious moment in the annals of the Union Pacific and Chicago and North Western, well... the 1:87 scale proto-freelanced version featuring the Burlington Sub, that is. Tom and I finished the final subroadbed section of Homasote - and the lift-out bridge that spans the giant chasm otherwise known as the entry walkway.

Here's a closer shot of the lift-out section - wide enough to support two parallel tracks - that allows a minor duck-under during operation.

I plan on extending a switching lead from the yard counter-clockwise across the bridge, joining the main just before the curve to the food plant. That way I can pull the longest yard track without fouling the main - so a second operator can run, or I can have a train circuit the loop while I drill cars.

The next step is to seal the Homasote with a tan (dirt) colored latex paint - the cheaper the better - to prevent basement humidity and moisture from swelling the subroadbed. I thought I might paint the benchwork and fascia next, but since I can't yet decide on a color - ranging from Pullman green to semi-gloss black - I think I'll go right to roadbed and tracklaying after the sealant dries. I can always go back later and paint the fascia once I decide on color.

Ah, that Golden Spike is getting closer - now just to enjoy the possibilities of a blank canvas for a while. Priceless...

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