Sunday, February 16, 2014


Well, here I am halfway through winter and nothing much to report. Project-related business travel – outside the holiday break – has kept me earning frequent flyer miles, but as such I haven’t spent any significant time in the basement train room. The layout has pretty much been in a state of suspended animation since the last sheet of Homasote was put down last fall.

However, today spending the better part of the afternoon at a large layout operating session got my juices flowing again. Our local NMRA division sponsored an open house at John DePauw’s basement-filling, triple-deck EJ&E layout – and not so long after arriving my friend Jon and I were handed a throttle and a stack of car cards and put to work. Well, five trips later it was time to mark-off and head home for supper.

Of course, I may have left the layout but the layout didn’t leave me. <grin> I think my plan to hold off trackwork until I can get the benchwork all painted might take a back seat – at least until Spring. I’m thinking of tacking down some temporary flextrack and a turnout or two to the bare Homasote, and doing some switching with my lone BLI Paragon II EMD SD9. Cracking a throttle really showed me what I was missing – just running a train. With all that stuff in boxes why not take a few spikes and some track and run a little? It can always come up when time comes for the permanent way.

I hope to get this down in the next week or so, and once I have my NCE PowerCab connected post a few photos. It may only be a two-to-three track temporary yard and lead, but at least it’s something to run until I’m ready to start grading the permanent roadbed. Ah, nothing like an operating session or a good railfanning day to get you out of your armchair. There’s no better time than now so get going! I am.


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