Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Great Flood of ‘14

2014, that is (unfortunately). I haven’t done much posting as I had a little plumbing issue to resolve – actually, several. First of all, I now understand the “minor” importance of closing the interior valves on my outside “frost-free” hose spigots. Seems our colder and snowier than normal winter this past season – thanks to “Global Warming” – caused more than a little frost this spring. Of course I was out of town on business travel when my wife called me in a panic that water was pouring all over the layout room (and my benchwork). I got her to flag down my neighbor, who first proceeded to turn off the water feed to the house – and then the interior valve at the damaged line.
With several inches of the wet stuff on my carpet she and the kids proceeded to mop up the most of the mess, and let a good number of fans do the rest. By the time I got home there was little damage other than a few ceiling tiles – now reduced to paper mache – and some expanded Homasote. I’ve since cleaned up the majority of the aftereffects and console myself with the fact I haven’t yet started scenery or even tracklaying for that matter. I suppose the long hours on the job were good for something – in that I hadn’t made enough progress to lose it to “Mother Nature” via The Great Flood. Of course, all bad things come in three’s so a couple more leaks from the upstairs bath have kept me busy with additional plumbing chores, drywall and the like.

Hopefully that is it for a while, and the Burlington Sub can resume progress soon.

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  1. This is what always happens. You cannot understand the real problem, until you face it. But you are definitely right-the interior valves must be always closed, otherwise your house will experience the inevitable damage. Luckily, you and your family managed to clea the mess, and some additional leaks from the upstairs bath are nothing when compared to what might have happened if the whole things hadn’t been noticed on time

    Rolando Glover @ Eco Pure Restoration