Monday, August 31, 2015

Old, yellowed maps

They may be old, but they can contain a wealth of information - or, in this case, confirmation. I had posted before that my HO scale rendition of Union Pacific's Burlington Sub - the erstwhile Chicago and North Western Railway's primary freight entrance to the Beer City - was based upon an alternate history. Well, thanks to the efforts of a fellow aficionado Nick Trimberger one can see the old (proposed) routing of the Fox River Valley RR north-northwest from Turner Junction - now West Chicago, IL - through Crystal Lake and Richmond, IL into Burlington, WI and ultimately Milwaukee. Nick found these gems in the National Archives, and has shared them - along with many other "paper" railroads on his fine blog.

Eureka! (and many thanks, Nick)


  1. Glad to help. If you haven't already you may want to find a copy of a book "Steam Trains to Geneva Lake" by Paul Behrens. It deals moreso with the Fox River Valley in Illinois; but has a good amount of Wisconsin info as well:

  2. Nick, thanks for the reply. Yes, I snagged a hardcover copy of Mr. Behrens' book some time ago. I used his description of the FRV RR grade between Richmond, IL and Burlington, WI to trace the line via Google Maps aerial view - especially the area around Powers and Bohners lakes. Also, thanks for the tip on J.I. Case in Rochester, WI - would make for a good proto-freelanced industry with lots of inbound and outbound loads, something my Burlington Sub could well use.